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The distinctive relief of this region shows rounded boulders, granitic ranges and narrow passes. In the softer terrains, the water’s whim has excavated strange badlands and caves, with in them we have to highlight Reguerillo.
El Altazar Reservoir Community is a miscellaneous territory that reunites different ecosystems, like Holm Oak, English Oak, Portuguese Oak, Ash and shrubland, without forgetting the reforestation pines and the reservoirs.
The shrubland is the more diverse and extended unity, presenting species like: rosemary, honeysuckle, tree aeonium, Spanish lavender, marjoram, thyme… or the rockrose, boiss and Jabinus as more abundant types.
The most characteristic species present in this region are Holm oak, Portuguese Oak and Turkey Oak. Beside the Turkey Oak, searching for the lower terrains, dry and rocky, grows the Montpellier Maple.
The European black pine covers the mountainsides and hills of the reservoirs, forming pure masses or in association with the wild pine, pyreneean pine or even with the stone pine.
In the riverside the predominant vegetation is Ash and Willow accompanied by rubus, common hawthorn, European dogwood and rose nip. Also appears as vegetation of the riverside the black poplar and the European alder.
This diversity in vegetation makes the fauna heritage of great importance, so much as for the elevated number of species that inhabit this region, but also as for the importance of many of them, being specially protected. We can mention mammals like: rabbit, fox, wild boar, roe deer, country mouse, hedgehog, badger, etc.. Birds: common firecrest, song thrush, coal tit, crested tit, European serin, hooded crow, common Kestrel, black kite, short-toed eagle, sparrowhawk, greylag goose, grey heron, purple heron, white stork, laughing gull, great cormorant, etc. Reptiles: red-tailed spiny-footed lizard, ocellated lizard, Large Psammodromus, ladder snake, grass snake, viper, etc… Amphibian: common toad, western spadefoot, European tree frog, marbled newt, green frog, etc… Fish: barbel, northern pike, pumpkinseed sunfish, rainbow trout, common trout, tench or doctor fish, etc.. 

Paisajes del agua / Water landscapes

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