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The gastronomy of the region is based on the products of the land. It is so varied that we can find from the most traditional dishes created with the fruits and vegetables from the garden, honey, meat and game up to the most innovative. All municipalities of the region are notable for good cuisine and the care with which they treat their culinary creations.


What you going to lose?

Notably the most popular dishes such as potatoes with ribs, steak, pisto, the stew, migas (bread crumbs), sopa castellana (soup Spanish).



In a cattle land traditional roasts and meat to grill stand out, along with the bunker of lamb.


He has held a very important place in the cuisine of the region. Wild boar, rabbit, hare, roe… have been part of the diet of these peoples, stewed in different ways, primarily in the autumn time. 


The “matanza” (slaughter):

Sausages, “tortas de chicharrones”  made with butter, flour and sugar.

Products of the land:

Are widely used for the dishes, vegetables and legumes grown in this area along with the field and the poultry products: scrambled cardillos, asparagus, níscalos…


Product typical, very rich thanks to the floral richness of the region.
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