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Located in the Lozoya’s Lower Valley, El Altazar Reservoir Community represents one of the most differentiated sub-regions inside Madrid’s North Mountain Range, where the Lozoya River and its waters turn into a resource of great importance. The numerous hydraulic infrastructures, dams, canals, etc… existent in the area are the accurate reflex of the importance of water as an economic and natural resource. This essential element and more limited by the day, is found in abundance in the great reservoirs of: Puente Viejas, El Villa y El Atazar, which hoard one of the mayor water reservoirs in the community of Madrid.

The community includes the municipalities that are spread around the reservoir of El Atazar. These are: 

El Atazar: 

El Atazar municipal district is located in the Madrid Community’s northeast border. It is a region of contrasts, between the foothills of Somosierra and the Atazar reservoir. It has an area of 29,5 km2 of relief, with elevations that reach 1.396 metres at Cabeza Anton.

El Berrueco

El Berrueco is located in the North of Madrid’s Community between two rocky lines that separate the provinces of Segovia and Guadalajara.Its etymological origin seems to be because of the granite mountain that dominates the town’s core in the North. The word Berrueco in Spanish means “rocky outcrop” and also it could come from the word barrueco that in Spanish means “big granite rocks”.
El Berrueco Tourism:

Cervera de Buitrago:

Cervera de Buitrago is a small community located at the edge of the El Atazar’s reservoir. Its territory gets divided topographically in two spaces by the line that goes by the elevation of 1.028 m of Valdecornoque on the North and the 974 m of Cerrillo de la Jara. The livestock vocation of the council has left way to the touristic activity in the last years, even though the first one has left a notable mark in the landscape, the architecture and people.
Cervera Tourism:



The municipal region of Patones is limited by the Jarama and Lozoya rivers, over a quite rugged land. The principal elevation is the Cancho de La Cabeza. Patones is divided in two cores: Patones de Arriba and Patones de Abajo. The first one was declared Asset of Cultural Interest in 1999 because of its historic group that preserves the traditional essence of the region. Patones de Abajo is of recent creation and it is lies in the Jarama’s Vega. (Fertile lowland).


Puentes Viejas

The municipal council of Puente Viejas is made out by the towns of Cincovillas, Mangiron, Paredes de Buitrago and Serrada de la Fuente. With an area of 58,30 sq Km. and altitude of 1012m.
The reservoirs of Puente Viejas, El Villar and El Atazar characterize the image of a great part of this territory’s extension, giving it great landscape value.The toponimy of the council takes after the name of the reservoir located in the Lozoya River, named like that because in the past there were two pontoons for crossing the river from shore to shore. The Puentes Viejas’ council was born by decree on July 24th of 1975.  The municipal headquarters were established in Mangiron.
Puentes Viejas Tourism:

obledillo de la Jara: 

Robledillo de la Jara is located in the northern sector of Madrid’s province, in the foothills of the Cerros de la Mujer Muerta (Mountains of the Death Woman). The town was initially named only Robledillo, in reference to the abundant oak forests around that in old times covered the area. The name “de la Jara” was taken only when it got to be necessary to add something to Robledillo to distinguish the town’s name between other towns named Robledillo also and it proceeds from “Quarto de la Xara” which Robledillo was part of inside the Land de Buitrago’s administrative division. 
Puntos del mapa
Cervera de Buitrago
Adress: Calle del Nogal, 3C, 28193 Cervera de Buitrago, Madrid, España
Cinco Villas
Adress: Calle de la Casa Castillo, 12, 28754, Madrid, España
El Atazar
Adress: Calle Fraguas, 16, 28189 El Atazar, Madrid, España
El Berrueco
Adress: Calle de la Calzada, 11, 28192 El Berrueco, Madrid, España
Adress: Calle Fresno, 9, 28754, Madrid, España
Paredes de Buitrago
Adress: Calle la Cerradilla, 28196, Madrid, España
Adress: Avenida de Madrid, 64, 28189 Patones, Madrid, España
Robledillo de la Jara
Adress: Calle de Jesús del Valle, 35, 28194 Robledillo de la Jara, Madrid, España
Serrada de la Fuente
Adress: Calle Eras, 8, 28195, Madrid, España

Pueblos de la Mancomunidad

Visitando las localidades que conforman la Mancomunidad del embalse de El Atazar conoceremos sus gentes y tradiciones. La arquitectura popular de la zona se sigue viendo entre sus calles. Cosntrucciones que aún resisten al tiempo nos transportan a la vida de estos rincones de la sierra madrileña en el pasado
Calle Real, 47 - 28192
El Berrueco
Tf: 918686064
Fax: 918686070