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Senda del Genaro

Within the Green Paths net of the Community of Madrid, the Senda del Genaro, with its 70 kilometers of journey, characterizes for being the one with the longest journey. It is classified by the Spanish Mountaineering Federation as “Senda de Gran Recorrido” that means: Long-Distance Path (GR-300). The route roams along the environment that surrounds the Atazar Reservoir, the one with more water capacity in the Community of Madrid.
The path is characterized by the ethnographic and environmental values that can be appreciated along the path. Of great interest are: the hydraulic constructions associated to the water supply from the reservoir, the drover’s roads full of history, the abrupt and full of chromatic contrast views and a great variety of rocks, flora and fauna.


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To take into account...


Season to make the route

As a start lest say that we are in a mountain area and for that the orography, the altitude and weather can be extreme, the natives of the area and the usual hikers and cyclists recommend this route as an ideal one to do during Spring and Autumnbecause during the seasons of Summer and Winter, the route can be really hard due to the temperatures, and as an example in Summer due to the shortage of water being paradoxical that we are travelling around a water reservoir. For all this it is necessary to remember that the water supply is complicated along the route, there are fountains and water springs at the beginning and end of it but during the route the fountains are more than scarce. For that have good supplies both of water and food.


Outside the weekend context, the route is very desolated for which there are parts that doing them by bicycle require some precaution and prudence, they can be done in a peaceful way running away from slips and aggressive ridding, although don’t forget that in some cases you will be doing parts that are only dedicated to hikers.
The route in this sense is fun because of the technical parts and demands, although it also presents variants for those cyclists that don’t desire to complicate things.
Along the route the hiker has preference, because of this, precaution is asked for and also consideration when coming      
around hikers, even though we come up to them in an open wide area. When we find ourselves in paths or narrow areas, we have to stop our bicycle and give way to the hikers or let them do in a peaceful way their security or location manoeuvres, maybe so they can see you go down the track, that can be quite an spectacle, but before all, precaution and respect.
It is possible that through out the route you come across horses or donkeys, because this old paths have served as communication routes in between towns and the feet of these animals have walked this paths for years and years, even though this eventuality is not signposted it won’t be difficult that you find such animals accompanied by their owners. For that, let no one feel afraid, the owners will give you pertinent indications to avoid any mishaps. 

The route

We are in front of a diverse route, in some cases hard because of the slopes or weather, and that also has the logistic complication of the stages being round trip routes, and some times the logistic to return to the start point is complicated, so in some occasions we have to retrace our steps, although this guide in its “Rutómetro” (itinerary map) section indicates both directions (Round trip).
In the case of the Senda del Genaro, the complete route is a good series of kilometres and it has been divided in several stages, even though for the BTT can be small or short there the expertise of the user comes into place at the time of designing the route and variants or loops to its own will, necessity and capacity.
In all cases comment that the Senda begins at El Berrueco and goes in direction to Patones, that is in a counterclockwise form and for that all the signposting in supports (milestones, arrows) even though always show round trip directions, there is always one that is the mark and in this case the one that prevails is the El Berrueco – Patones – Atazar – Robledillo - Cervera de Buitrago(round trip) El Hospitalillo – Mangiron (round trip) and El Hospitalillo – El Berrueco (round trip), we say this because it can happen that we see better the supports in one direction than in another.
In all cases the Senda del Genaro aside from the 25 long supports we have placed it is complemented with other type of marks, on one side the ancient marks of the route the “genaros” those blue doodles that can be seen in many places along the path and then we would have also the homologated marks of GR (white and red bands) expressing continuity or wrong way, depending on the case. In the model of uses we can see its development.


Interactive Map 

(In spanish only) In the map below you will find the different sections of the Senda del Genaro.
You can make these virtual tours by clicking on the button "vuelo virtual" (virtual flight) and know all the route information by clicking the button "Info ruta" (route information)
Rutas del mapa
Rutas del mapa
Rutas del mapa
Rutas del mapa
Rutas del mapa
Rutas del mapa
Rutas del mapa

Rutas guiadas Senda del Genaro GR 300

Fotografías de la rutas guiadas por la Senda del Genaro GR 300, organizadas por la Mancomunidad del Embalse del Atazar.
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